NordBlade Soft Tissue Mobilization Concept

концепты иммт

NordBlade S.T.M. Concept Level 1


  • History
  • Evidence based Medicine \ Researches


  • Basic principles
  • Impact mechanism
  • Effects of work

Practical part. Basic techniques

-Scanning technique

-Trigger point technique

-Mobilization technique

NordBlade S.T.M. Concept Level 2


  • How does it work?!
  • Physiological effects
  • Mechanism of influence
  • Contraindications

Practical part. Advanced techniques

-Tendon technique

-Separation technique

-Deep technique

-Soft mobilization technique

-Scar technique


Flossing (Floss Band, Cohesive Bandage)

Cupping (Mobilization Technique, Lymph technique)