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NordBlade 1.0 \ NordBlade 2.0

The NordBlade 1.0 \ NordBlade 2.0 Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM) tool is a flat tool 3 mm thick, that allows you to unload the hands of a specialist and penetrate deep into tissues with minimal effort.

Durring STM procedure we affect skin, receptors, connective tissue and deep structures of soft tissues mechanically. The pressure applied by the specialist, the angle and the shape of the instrument itself are designed for the fascia and muscles.

By smoothing, stretching, improving tissue elasticity, we restore its natural, anatomical structure. This has a positive effect on muscle work, improving its function.

Exposure of tissues with the help of a tool accelerates physiological processes, stimulating the tissue’s independent ability to regenerate and restore.

Why our tool is a sales leader in its segment and is chosen by leading experts:

– ergonomics (the tool is convenient for both women and men),

– due to its universal design, the tool has several grip capabilities,

– a recessed side of the instrument is optimal for the diagnosis of soft tissues,

– 3 mm thickness of the instrument allows you to work out not only the upper fascial layers, but also the deep subcutaneous layers, along with muscle fibers,

– each instrument is handcrafted from the highest grade stainless surgical steel and has been further polished,

– highest category stainless medical steel

NordBlade 1.0 and NordBlade 2.0 are mirror images of each other and have similar specifications. Both tools are absolutely universal and interchangeable. They are designed with the aim of maximum adaptation to the capture of specialists with different anthropological data.


NordBlade 3.0

Specially designed soft tissue mobilization tool for hand therapists and estheticians\cosmetology specialists. The NordBlade 3.0 shape allows you to work with small areas, with maximum control over the area and depth of exposure. The shape and weight of the tool fits ergonomically into the grip of the hand. The tool, due to its shape and weight, fits ergonomically in the hand and does not overload the wrist of a specialist during prolonged use.

The tool, in terms of its characteristics and capabilities, has no analogues on the market.


NordBlade 4.0

The tool makes it possible to unload the specialist’s shoulder girdle as much as possible due to the double-sided grip. NordBlade 4.0 is ideal for professionals working in sports or for specialists which works a lot with anti-cellulite massage techniques.