NordBlade (tool) can successfully compete with other existing analogues due to its ergonomic design, which makes it highly effective and easy to use.

P. Kolomijecs
international IASTM instructor

NordBlade tool is a great assistance for doctors / therapists / trainers. An ergonomic design will not only free the hands of a specialist, but will also speed up his work two to three times.

D. Bindemanis
physical therapist

For our part, we make the MAXIMUM effort to popularize the method and promote it, taking into account regional characteristics. In the near future, IASTM should go from an innovation in manual therapy to an EVERYDAY method in the arsenal of services of EVERY OT,PT and sports trainer.

N. Pelpus
sales manager

Our vision

We are open to partnership in new regions. We set ourselves the task of assembling a team of specialists who can not only work with tools, but also organize high-class trainings in their regions.

NordBlade Team make every effort to popularize the method. In the near future, IASTM should go from being an innovation in manual therapy to an everyday method in the arsenal of services of OT / PT / trainer.

NordBlade Team

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

инструментальная мобилизация

In the Western medicine, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) appeared in the 1990s. Subsequently, this procedure quickly gained popularity, acquired methodology and specialists interested in it. Today IASTM is a conservative method, one of the manual therapy techniques actively used by specialists in medical, health and sports institutions.

IASTM – this method affects soft tissues, accelerating physiological processes, stimulating the independent ability of tissues to regenerate. In the process of therapy, special instruments are used with which we mechanically act on the skin, receptors, connective tissue and deep structures of soft tissues. By smoothing, stretching, improving the elasticity of the tissue, we restore its natural, anatomical structure. Instrumental mobilization is a general term that describes the use of a number of different instruments (blades, vacuum cups, tourniquets) that enable professionals to diagnose and treat pain, trauma, and soft tissue dysfunction.

The therapy is effective both in combination with other methods (manual, myofascial massage, taping, physical procedures, physical exercises), and as monotherapy.